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from Students

I really enjoy your class. You have a wonderful technique as far as being a great speaker, a specific describer, and watching us; you know when to modify things. I appreciate all of that, plus your wonderful warmth, and remembering to tell us it's each in our own body because I'm pretty awkward so far. I look foward to the next class."

-- Kathleen, 45 years old

"I've been doing your workout every day and love the video (I've only skipped one day since getting home). And now I can even do the wall poses without help! Amazing. I'm also sleeping better, not waking up with pains, and have increased feeling in my body. YEA!"

-- Val, diagnosed with MS, 42 years old

"I've taken a lot of yoga classes and you're, by far, the best teacher I've had. I like your style the best."

-- Devon, 13 years old